Nieuwsbrief Musa oktober 2022

Ciska SchoenmakerWereldwijd

Dear Friends of Musa and Riah,
Hereby an update on Musa. Both Musa and Riah had a difficult last half year. Musa still
suffers from some memory loss and both their bodies and mind are simply tired and need
some rest. At the moment they have 5 to 6 persons living in their dormitory, so it is less
intensive than sometime ago. However, this also prevents Musa from operating the sawing
machine, since he does not have the energy for that at the moment and there is no one else
capable of working on it at the moment. Fortunately, they have someone that takes care of
the farm and the cattle in the mountains at the moment, so Musa does not need to go there
so often.
Recently they have been able to go a few days to the big lake here in the country to have a
holiday. Nazik is growing up fast and is already almost 8 years.
We were happy we could visit them with our children at their house. Musa and Riah
provided us with a delicious meal and showed us around in their yard. You can have a look
at the photos in this newsletter for some details.
Please pray for their health and they will get fresh energy and they can keep being inspired
by our Father.
Musa has some needs:
● Most important is that he can prepare for the winter soon, by buying, among others, coal
to heat the dormitory and the house.
● It would be good that Musa and Riah could take a longer rest at a sanatorium for 10 days
to get refreshed.
● The roofs for the haystack and the chicken house are old and rain is dripping through the
cracks. This is not good for the hay and the chickens. It would be good to replace the
● Some smaller things, like painting the ceiling in their house
If you would consider donating, please see the last page of this letter.
Written on behalf of Musa by Han